Adam Shaw

"The most important thing any art can offer is a bridge to a deeper experience of oneself. The experience of art occurs outside of time --both its making and its effect-- despite the necessary parenthesis of its historic moment. This is the framework from which my efforts proceed."

Born in New York City, Shaw has been painting his entire life. Educated in the Renaissance tradition, he received a B.A. in Classics, with a minor in Russian and Italian. Living in Italy, Florence and Urbino, in the 1970's, while studying art history,Shaw took up painting with oils. In 1981, he moved to San Francisco to pursue a Master's degree in Poetics. Following that he became a physician and was in private practice for 14 years. With his focus now on his fine art, Shaw's paintings can be found in the collections of Bank of America, Gap Corporate Offices, eBay Corporation, 3Com, the Motion Picture Actors of America Association, and more.

A true renaissance man, in addition to his success within the fine art world, Shaw has published a number of poems, as well as translated poetry from Latin, Russian, and Italian. Throughout his process the use of language written, painted, or scraped into the paint is actively employed expressing poetic, philosophical and personal messages, most of which get covered over or remain as fragmentary relics.

Bespoke Collection