Louise Philbrick

Found objects. Recycled instrument parts. Fragments of nature. Louise Philbrick's visual vocabulary comprises salvaged materials that reveal the rigors of their history and that, in her hands, are transformed into evocative works of striking symmetry and playful juxtaposition. Her pieces can be serenely meditative or cheerfully raucous. They conjure powerful memories that are both personal and collective. Every object has a story. Her intention is to convey these stories.

In their Fall 2011 issue, Boston Home Magazine featured Louise and her art in the article "The Artisan Next Door: Key Player", in which editor Rachel Slade described Philbrick's work as "music for the eyes." Her pieces have been shown in solo and group exhibitions at galleries and corporate venues on the East Coast, and are widely commissioned and acquired for private collections including that of David Shaw and Glenn Close.

Louise is a native of Maine and holds a BFA in sculpture and ceramics.

Bespoke Collection