Damon Hyldreth

Hyldreth's work stands as a reminder of the connection between man and nature. While the metals he uses are clearly man-made, the final outcome blurs the divide between nature and structure, space and form. This results in a strong symbiosis between the formal elements of his sculpture and its surroundings, both architectural and natural. In 2004 Damon received his BFA in Sculpture from San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, CA. He works an array of metals such as Cor-ten, carbon, and stainless steel, and bronze.

Damon's work in sculpture is highly linked to the process of transformation. He considers the potential energy of his materials and lures out of them the sensual and organic forces of nature. He blends emotion with form, allowing the work to evolve, probing shapes, investigating their capacity to change. He seeks to reveal the nature of the material, allowing it to take on a life of its own.

Public and private installations of Hyldreth's work include the town of Palm Desert, CA, the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, The W Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, Trump Hollywood, Hollywood, FL Neiman Marcus, Houston, TX, Soffitel Hotel, Los Angeles, CA and the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza in London, and Queen Rania of Jordan, to name but a few

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