Kevin Box

Kevin Box marries metals and paper in a unique and powerful way. The young artist developed a passion for creativity and the graphic arts as a child interning at his uncle's design firm during summers. Box studied the graphic arts in New York, and during a trip to Greece, began to desire to contribute to the lasting history of art. In a quest to learn the fine arts, Box studied at foundries in Texas for three years. That decision afforded him the freedom of experimentation. Ignited with inspiration, a full service studio to work in and a treasure trove of paper found in the warehouse of an old print shop the foundry was renting, he started working with paper again.

Box says of his work, "It took two years of tireless experimentation for me to develop the process of casting paper into bronze, another seven years to perfect, and it continues to evolve today." Today, Box's monumental sculptures can be found around the United States including the city of Paramount, CA, the Austin City Symphony, TX, city of Little Rock, AR, the Four Seasons Hotel, Washington D.C., the African American Performing Arts Center in Albuquerque, NM, and around the world including Perth, Australia, the International Hotel, Morocco, and Oita, Japan.

Box continues to push the boundaries of the casting process, combining a celebration of the delicacy of paper and the lasting quality of metal, and creates whimsical works that he invites you to touch and experience the meaning of the work for yourself.

Bespoke Collection